Shite Kudasai! Atarashī Masukotto ga Tōjō!
Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure episode 02
"Enter! A New Mascot Appears!"
Air date 2014-02-16
Episode Guide
Opening Blooming Girls! Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure
Ending The Brand New Me
Directed by Cure Believe
Written by Cure Believe

Enter! A New Mascot Appears! (してください!新しいマスコットが登場! Shite Kudasai! Atarashī Masukotto ga Tōjō!?) is the second episode of the fan series Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. In this episode, Cherry and Hana meet the second mascot, Miracle.


With one Pretty Cure found and three to go, Cherry and Hana meet the second mascot, Miracle, who must find the second Pretty Cure. In a side-plot, Daisy wants to find out more about who it is that saved the town from the monster attack.


will add others soon

Major EventsEdit

  • The second mascot, Miracle, is introduced.
  • A rumor about the second Pretty Cure is that it will be either Yukai or Chie.

summary/transcript will come when episode 1's is finished

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