Mizushibuki o Ageru no Entoransu! Kyua Marin Mirāju!
Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure episode 03
Cure Marine Mirage
"A Splashing Entrance! Cure Marine Mirage!"
Air date 2014-02-23
Episode Guide
Opening Blooming Girls! Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure
Ending The Brand New Me
Directed by Cure Believe
Written by Cure Believe

A Splashing Entrance! Cure Marine Mirage! (水しぶきを上げるのエントランス!キュアマリンミラージュ! Mizushibuki o Ageru no Entoransu! Kyua Marin Mirāju!?) is the third episode of the fan series Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. In this episode, the second Pretty Cure is introduced.


Daisy learns Cherry's Cure ego, upsetting the mascots, but at the same time, the second Pretty Cure is revealed to be none other than Daisy herself!


others soon

Major EventsEdit

  • Daisy finally discovers Cherry is a Pretty Cure.
  • The second Pretty Cure ends up being Daisy, proving the rumor wrong.
  • Daisy transforms into Cure Marine Mirage for the first time.

summary and transcript later

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