This is the list of episodes for Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure which started airing on February 9th, 2014.

Episode # Title Air Date
01 Dreams That Do Come True! A Pretty Cure is Born! 2014-02-09
02 Enter! A New Mascot Appears! 2014-02-16
03 A Splashing Entrance! Cure Marine Mirage! 2014-02-23
04 There's a Rumor! Is That Girl a Pretty Cure? 2014-03-02
05 A More Intense Battle! Against Two Enemies! 2014-03-09
06 Is Daisy Giving Up? This Can't Happen! 2014-03-16
07 The Truth is Revealed! Why Are the Monsters Attacking? 2014-03-23
08 Fairy Love? Did We See This Right? 2014-03-30
09 The Biggest Nightmare! Body Swapping Adventure! 2014-04-06
10 Rose is a Pretty Cure After All! 2014-04-13
11 Initiating a Search! The Final Pretty Cure! 2014-04-20
12 Bright's Troubles! His Search is a Failure! 2014-04-27
13 Rumors of the Transfer Student? Who is She? 2014-05-04
14 Hello Everyone! I Am Myoudouin Sunny! 2014-05-11
15 Shining Sun! Cure Sunshine Mirage! 2014-05-18
16 It Was an Accident! Cherry's Scaring Others? 2014-05-25
17 Sparkle! Wish Upon a Shooting Star! 2014-06-01
18 Our Summer Starts Now! The Promise for a Success! 2014-06-08
19 Mystery on the Last Day of School? Let's Investigate! 2014-06-15
20 I Can't Believe This! Meeting a Villain Face to Face?! 2014-06-22
21 Return of a Bright Light! Cure Moonlight Mirage! 2014-06-29
22 What's This? Secrets of a Haunted House? 2014-07-06
23 The Mysterious Guy? I Think He Loves Rose... 2014-07-13
24 In More Trouble! The Monster Can Duplicate?! 2014-07-20
25 Arrival of Shocking News! Daisy is an Orphan! 2014-07-27
26 Adventure! The Mirage Kingdom Awaits! 2014-08-03
27 Mishap Arises! The World's Fate is in Our Hands! 2014-08-10
28 Misadventures in Procrastination! The Homework Dilemma! 2014-08-17
29 To Celebrate the Final Summer Day! What Will We Do? 2014-08-24
30 A Journey Into Gardening! The School Science Experiment! 2014-08-31
31 A Goodbye Is Heard? Our Friends Turned Evil? 2014-09-07
32 Pretty Cure vs. Pretty Cure! To Save Our Friends, We Will Fight! 2014-09-21
33 A Mysterious Girl Appears! Just Who is She? 2014-09-28
34 The Truths Are Revealed! Our Shocking Pasts! 2014-10-05
35 Our Pasts Are Reborn? Kuro Pretty Cure?! 2014-10-12
36 Put Your Power Forth! Defeat Your Reflections! 2014-10-19
37 In a Big Pinch! The School Play of Terror! 2014-10-26
38 Pretty Cure's Legend! Legend of the Mirage Compact! 2014-11-02
39 Super Pretty Cure Are Born! 2014-11-09
40 The Idol Disappearances? Adventures in the City! 2014-11-16
41 Visions of the Past? Bring Your Hope Back Up! 2014-11-23
42 I'll Prepare! The Big Soccer Game is Near! 2014-11-30
43 The Day Has Come! Pretty Cure's Christmas Miracles! 2014-12-07
44 Another Me? Meet the Pretty Cure Imposters! 2014-12-21
45 Pretty Cure's New Year! Snowy Celebration! 2014-12-28
46 A Promised Victory is Just Ahead! 2015-01-04
47 Pretty Cure vs Taika! The Battle Starts Here! 2015-01-11
48 A Promise to Protect My Friends! Cherry's Sacrifice?! 2015-01-18
49 Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure Will Live On 2015-01-25

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